Heather's current online class offerings:

Basic Yoga Classes

Basic level yoga classes are for beginning yoga students or experienced yoga practitioners that prefer a slower paced class. There will be a strong focus on poses that develop core strength, inner stability, and balance. The breath will be our guide and constant companion during class. Special emphasis will be given to alignment in order to build and maintain healthy joints.

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Continuing Yoga

Continuing level yoga is a class for practitioners who would like to deepen their knowledge of yoga and explore more advanced postures. Inversions, backbends, and forward bends will be practiced and refined. This class is appropriate for anyone with a home practice and who would enjoy the challenge of a vigorous yoga practice.

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Restorative – Rest and Relax – A deeply relaxing practice supported by conscious breathing and props that are easily found at home. This practice focuses on simple practices that enhance the immune system, reduce anxiety, and support overall well being. Allow your body and mind to find a state of peace and calm.

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Private sessions are available for students of all levels who prefer individual guidance and a practice specifically tailored to meet the current experience of being in a body. Sessions start from a place of honoring what you are currently experiencing in the moment and moving deeper within that experience.

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1 class $15
10 class card $120
100 class card $900 valid for 1 year
Private sessions $75 per hour
Lack of income should not be an obstacle to yoga. Free classes are offered weekly and reduced class cards are available.
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